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    5 Ways to cosy up your home

    There’s nothing better and more relaxing than coming home to a cosy, welcoming house after a long day. In fact, studies have shown that a comfortable home environment can drastically reduce stress and improve mood. On the other hand, a room that is too cluttered,......

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    Chinese New Year traditions for the modern age

    For many of us, Chinese New Year has always been a special and festive time when we were growing up. As kids, Chinese New Year meant fireworks, playing with cousins, new clothes, and of course, ang pows. But as adults, many of the rituals associated......

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    Flowering houseplants to beautify your home

    Besides brightening up your life, keeping houseplants in your home is a great way to balance the artificial interior with natural elements. Here are a few flowering houseplants that can create a more vibrant atmosphere in your home this festive season, as well as techniques......

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