Island Bouquet (120ml)


The sparkling citrus notes of Island Bouquet recreate the fond memories of home for Martin Koh, now based in the United Kingdom. His source of inspiration are the trees that harvest different citrus fruits, such as the kumquat tree, a familiar favourite during the lunar new year.


Blending beautifully with the tangerine are flavourful notes of Earl Grey, well known for its peppery, citrus character. While Earl Grey is synonymous with tea, its distinctive aroma springs from the bergamot tree. The fruit has a lemony note with a floral lavender tonality. Fresh and energising, it combines beautifully with jasmine notes to give an impression of Earl Grey Tea.


Just as Island Bouquet brings our Master Perfumer through a sentimental journey of beautiful memories, may it likewise gift you with the same.


This  volume of 120ml, typically lasts for about 2~3 months depending on the number of diffuser reeds use.


*$35 per bottle. Get minimum 3 bottles of any mix at $25/bottle. 1 day only special offer

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Citrus eau de cologne, tangerine, lime

Floral jasmine, honeysuckle, earl grey tea, green petitgrain

Wood amber

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