Mini Ode Collection (3x50ml)


Mini Ode Collection is an exclusive packing consists of 50ml each of Hope, Joy and Love.

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Ode To Hope Description:

“Hope anchors the soul”

If you prefer the heavenly and exotic essence of jasmine, Ode to Hope will appeal to you. The full-bodied fragrance evokes lush memories of summery evenings, gentle breezes and intimacy. Its many layers express the precious sentiment that the best is yet to be. “Hope” is sensuously rich, velvety and elegant. The floral note is based on jasmine and orange blossom, which are inherently intense and often too “heavy” in other perfumes. The overall tone of this perfume is a lot fresher with the injection of various citrus notes like lemon, orange and lemongrass.


Ode To Joy Description:

“Find joy in the journey”

If you adore fruity, citrusy scents, you will not be able to resist Ode to Joy. Inspired by a fresh bowl of fruits on the dining table where the family gathers round, “Joy” evokes happy, family times. Reminiscent of tropical fruits, the fragrance is fun, youthful, energising and colourful. The fruity notes of apple, strawberry, pear and melon notes make you feel joyful and relaxed. Strawberry and peach notes are also mixed in with sweet notes of praline and vanilla, adding luscious flavour you almost want to eat.


Ode To Love Description:

“Love changes everything”

If you love the sheer, delicate scent of romantic roses, Ode To Love is for you. It evokes the heady, intoxicating feelings of grand love, tenderness and passion. “Love” is a light rosy floral with fruity accents that is at once graceful, dewy and modern. The floral note is primarily rose, supported by violet and natural ylang ylang oil. The fruity notes are peach and rose ketones found in natural roses which give it a slight apple nuance. The combination of rose-peach also gives a lychee impression. The fragrance is rounded up by a rich but subtle woody undertone.


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Ode To Hope Ingredients:

Citrus bouquet of lemon, orange and lemongrass

Orange flower and jasmine


Ode To Joy Ingredients:

Citrus bouquet of lemon, orange peel, cherry and melon

Fruity notes of apple, pear and cassis paired with floral notes of rose, lilac and white flower

More fruity notes of strawberry and peach complemented by sweet notes of praline and vanilla


Ode To Love Ingredients:

Fruity bouquet of peach, lychee and apple

Floral bouquet of rose, violet, muguet and ylang ylang

Woody materials featuring Clearwood


This refill volume of 50ml, typically lasts for about 1 month.

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