Ode To Hope (120ml)


 “Hope anchors the soul”


If you prefer the heavenly and exotic essence of jasmine, Ode to Hope will appeal to you. The full-bodied fragrance evokes lush memories of summery evenings, gentle breezes and intimacy. Its many layers express the precious sentiment that the best is yet to be. “Hope” is sensuously rich, velvety and elegant. The floral note is based on jasmine and orange blossom, which are inherently intense and often too “heavy” in other perfumes. The overall tone of this perfume is a lot fresher with the injection of various citrus notes like lemon, orange and lemongrass.


This volume of 120ml, typically lasts for about 2~3 months depending on the number of diffuser reeds used.


*$35 per bottle. Get minimum 3 bottles of any mix at $30/bottle.

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Citrus bouquet of lemon, orange and lemongrass

Orange flower and jasmine

Refill volume is 120ml, typically lasts for 3 months

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