Ode To Love (120ml)


“Love changes everything”

Ode to Love is the outstanding all round crowd pleaser with its distinctive rosy fruity theme.

Inspired by classic French perfumes, its appeal is timeless and unforgettable.

If you love the sheer, delicate scent of romantic roses, Ode To Love is for you.

The combination of rose-peach gives a lychee impression.

The fragrance is rounded up by a rich but subtle woody undertone.


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Calming, peaceful, balancing


Floral bouquet of rose, violet, muguet and ylang ylang

Fruity accents of peach, lychee and apple

Warm woody base.

Volume is 120ml, typically lasts for 3 months

*$35 per bottle. Get minimum 3 bottles of any mix at $30/bottle.

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