Ode To Love (120ml)


“Love changes everything”


If you love the sheer, delicate scent of romantic roses, Ode To Love is for you. It evokes the heady, intoxicating feelings of grand love, tenderness and passion. “Love” is a light rosy floral with fruity accents that is at once graceful, dewy and modern. The floral note is primarily rose, supported by violet and natural ylang ylang oil. The fruity notes are peach and rose ketones found in natural roses which give it a slight apple nuance. The combination of rose-peach also gives a lychee impression. The fragrance is rounded up by a rich but subtle woody undertone.


This volume of 120ml, typically lasts for about 2~3 months depending on the number of diffuser reeds used.


*$35 per bottle. Get minimum 3 bottles of any mix at $30/bottle.

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Fruity bouquet of peach, lychee and apple

Floral bouquet of rose, violet, muguet and ylang ylang

Woody materials featuring Clearwood

Refill volume is 120ml, typically lasts for 3 months

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