Rainforest (120ml)


After a fresh fall of rain, the scent of the Flame of the Forest would fill the air with a crisp, fresh scent that calms the mind and cools the spirit. The humid summer heat instantly cools down to a sensation of comfort and wellbeing. Rainforest is a tribute to the island’s tropical nature—lush, vibrant and breathtakingly fresh!


Martin Koh desires to bring the same dramatic experience of this breath-taking scent to your home.


This volume of 120 ml, typically lasts for about 2~3 months depending on the number of diffuser reeds use.


*$35 per bottle. Get minimum 3 bottles of any mix at $25/bottle. 1 day only special offer.


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Fruit notes of red apple, tangerine and green melon; Aldehydes


Floral notes of Lily-of-the-valley and rose buds; green violet leaves; Rain Accord


Oakmoss musk

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