4 Easy Halloween activities for kids

Double, double, toil and trouble… the spookiest night of the year is near! Halloween is one of the most fun festivals in the year, especially for our little ones, so why not get your kids involved in decorating the house and dressing up for the occasion? We know how busy you mums are, so we’ve rounded up four super easy Halloween arts and crafts that your kids are guaranteed to love.

Pumpkin jack-o’-lanterns may look spookier, but gutting and carving one takes a lot of work, and the tools involved are not exactly child-friendly – particularly for young kids. Instead, why not make mini jack-o’-lanterns out of oranges? You don’t even need to buy paint if you don’t already have some at home! Just make sure you have a black permanent marker and some correction fluid to draw the faces with. Simply print out a few reference photos for your child to follow and you’re all set!

Add an eerie touch to your home by transforming pre-made candles into ghoulish lighting for the night. All you need are permanent markers and a candle holder you can draw on. These can be picked up at the store, or you can even recycle a jam jar and add a tea light to it when completed. Again, print out some pictures for your child to follow – skeletons, jack-o’-lanterns, or ghosts are nice, easy options that’ll look spooktacular.

Hosting a Halloween party for your kids and their friends? These lollipop ghosts are great party favours and are child’s play to make. All you have to do is wrap white tissue paper (make sure to use the thicker type so they don’t break) around the lollipop’s head and tie its neck with a ribbon. Finish up by drawing on eyes and a mouth with a black permanent marker.

Haven’t had the chance to sort out costumes for your kids? We have the perfect idea: face painting! All you need is some face paint and a makeup sponge or a soft-bristled brush, and your child can transform into anything he or she dreams – just pop onto YouTube for great tutorials. Do make sure that you avoid using oil-based face paints; they’re harder to remove and they clog pores.

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