Don’t miss out: Home fragrances inspired by Singapore

For the Poetree team, there are not enough words to describe how much we adore our little island home, so in 2015 we set out to capture our love for Singapore in perfume form! The Garden City collection of home fragrances was launched by four friends to commemorate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee celebration. Sadly, after two years of making homes smell heavenly, our Singapore-inspired reed diffusers will be officially off the market at the end of August, so make sure to pick up one (or all three!) while they’re still around.

The Garden City Collection
Working with Singapore’s first-ever master perfumer Martin Koh, we conjured up three great fragrances that drew from his experience growing up in the Garden City.

This seductive scent was inspired by Martin’s everyday walk to school along Upper Serangoon Road, which was lined by Flame of the Forest trees. After a fresh fall of rain, the scent of the Flame of the Forest trees would fill the air with a crisp, fresh scent. Fruit notes like apples and peaches, to represent the tree’s red flowers, were combined with cucumber, melon, and violet leaves, symbolising green leaves, to create a fragrance that pays tribute to the island’s tropical nature – lush and natural, yet vibrant and intoxicating.

Island Bouquet 

The sparkling citrus notes of Island Bouquet recreate fond memories of home for Martin, who’s now based in London. His source of inspiration are the trees that harvest different citrus fruits, such as the kumquat tree – a familiar favourite during the lunar new year. Blending beautifully with the tangerine are flavourful notes of Earl Grey, well-known for its peppery, citrus character derived from bergamot, a lemony fruit with a floral lavendar tonality. Fresh and energising, it combines wonderfully with jasmine notes to give an impression of Earl Grey Tea.

The Orchard

This fragrance is the unique scent of Singapore’s most famous shopping street – a modern floral bouquet that smells fresh, just like the the buildings on Orchard Road that are new and modern-looking, and fresh and cool inside. Playing on the dual meaning that also refers to orchard trees, Lily-of- the-Valley and fragrant roses were beautifully woven with a delicate, transparent green note to create a fragrance that recalls fresh, open spaces.

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