Garden City Collection – Our home scents that refresh, energise and balance

Like travelling with a friend, or sharing a place with housemates, there’s nothing like sharing space and time to truly know a person.

It’s the same with perfumes, it takes time to know them, discover their different facets at different times of the day.  As they have an effect on your mood and vice versa where your fragrance perception may also vary according to your physical and mental state.

Since we launched the Garden City Collection in 2015, the character of the 3 distinct fragrances – Rainforest, Island Bouquet and Orchard, are making lasting impressions on the olfactive memories of our fragrance loving customers.

Rainforest with its breezy medley of violet leaf and red apple notes is refreshing.

Island Bouquet which sparkles with citrus notes of tangerine and lime is energising.

Orchard being a soft bouquet of lily of the valley and geranium leaf is balancing and calming.

Theses 3 delightful masterpieces of Singaporean master perfumer Martin Koh, share the same signature style that defines freshness in our home space.

Presented as a collection for different rooms in the house, they are thoughtful gifts that are literally designed to make long lasting impressions. Be assured that each scent has its proven appeal among appreciative receivers and givers!

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