Get-together ideas: DIY spa night at home

As we grow older, we’ve noticed that getting together with our girlfriends has become something of a rare occurrence. As much as we’d love to, the demands of work, parenthood, and other obligations just don’t leave us with much time for ourselves, let alone time for friends. But, like the internet meme declares, girlfriends are the best kind of free therapy, so why not carve out some time and gather your best friends for a night of fun? Make it special by putting together a DIY spa night at home; whether it’s just for the evening or a full-on, old school slumber party, go all out!

If any day’s going to be your cheat day, it should be the day you see your best girls. After all, what’s better than catching up over delicious food? Get your favourite meals delivered and make sure to pick up a decadent dessert to treat yourselves. You could even throw in a healthy, but yummy, salad so you don’t feel too sinful!

It’s not every day that you see your favourite ladies, so go ahead and crack open the bubbly! If you’re feeling gung-ho, you can even go the extra mile and prepare pitchers of cocktails beforehand. Sangrias are super easy to make – just squeeze and add the wedges of 1 orange and 1 lemon (and any other fruits you fancy!) to a bottle of red wine, add 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1 shot of brandy, and leave to chill overnight. Before serving, add two cups of ginger ale or club soda to add a fizz.

Don’t forget to start the night right by creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Set out scented candles or reed diffusers (Poetree’s Ode Collection of home fragrances is a great option and currently on sale!), turn off any harsh lighting, and put on a cheerful playlist to build the perfect ambience for girl-talk.

Treat your friends to a pamper session by preparing some funky sheet masks for you to do together – besides it being great for your skin, it’s also a fun experience to bond over! Just make sure to start with a clean face, and exfoliate before putting on the mask. We recommend using a gentle scrub like Poetree’s Face Scrub with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Getting mani-pedis with your girlfriends is another great thing to do together, and there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy this at home! Mimic the experience of getting your nails done by first soaking your feet and hands in warm water and exfoliating. Make sure you use a scrub that’s not too rough on your skin, like Poetree’s Body Scrub with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which contains ground olive stones that removes dead cells without damaging the skin. Follow up with a good hand and foot cream, and you’ll have a great base for painting your nails.

Psst – Poetree’s Face Scrub and Body Scrub are both 25% off this month. Now you have no excuse not to throw a girls’ night in!

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