Nature’s multi-purpose beauty remedy

We all know how good for our health it is to cook with olive oil, but did you also know that applying it on your body can improve your skin’s appearance? Read on to learn about three olive oil treatments that will leave your skin and hair looking and feeling soft and smooth.

A lot of us will naturally get stretch marks at some point in our life, especially those of us who have given birth or are mums-to-be. According to beauty experts, olive oil contains essential nutrients and antioxidants that help to strengthen skin elasticity and heal damaged skin cells to reduce the appearance of scars. For the most effective treatment, start massaging a small amount olive oil onto your belly, hips, and breasts as early into your pregnancy as possible and up to three months after giving birth, and leave the oil on for at least an hour before rinsing it off. Applying olive oil on older stretch marks will also help reduce the marks but may not work to completely erase them. For those who aren’t quite comfortable with applying oil directly to the skin or are not accustomed to it, you can even mix it into your body lotion for easier application.

Our daily routines of blow drying and styling our hair can be stressful to our locks and leave them dry and damaged. Massaging olive oil into your scalp and strands can help to protect your hair and even reduce dandruff and hair loss. Scientists have found that hair treated with oil slows the loss of moisture from it, most likely due to the abundance of vitamin E in olive oil, an antioxidant and lipid-protector that helps to keep skin moist and protect it from damage by free radicals. For smooth and healthy hair, start from the roots and work the oil through your strands. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes and shampoo well after.

Olive oil’s highly acclaimed moisturising properties can even work wonders on cracked and dry feet. To turn them baby smooth, just rub olive oil onto your feet and put on some socks to lock in the moisture as you sleep.

To get the best from olive oil, make sure to use extra virgin olive oil in your beauty treatments, which is purer and higher quality than regular olive oil. We recommend Poetree’s Une Olive en Provence Olive Massage Oil made with extra virgin olive oil, which has been specially formulated to be applied onto the body. This beauty must-have is rich in squalane, an organic compound that is closest to our own natural oils that keep our skin lubricated, and is enriched with other nourishing properties like sweet almond oil, sesame oil, and apricot kernel oil.



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